How To Use Your Young Living Home Diffuser

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10 Facts & Tips About Your Young Living Home Diffuser:

  1. Only use distilled water.
  2. Do not fill past the fill line.
  3. Wipe out all areas, including the ultrasonic plate, with the provided sponge after each use.
  4. To avoid build-up, clean the ultrasonic plate with a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol once a week.
  5. Clean other parts of your diffuser with a mild, nonabrasive soap.
  6. There is no way to turn the light off when the diffuser is in use.
  7. Do not get water into the on/off switch, power cord plug-in, or the internal air inlet holes.  When dumping water out, dump from the back and avoid getting water into any of these places.
  8. If water gets in the internal air inlet holes, it will get inside the diffuser and leak out of the bottom.  If this happens, allow it to dry out a day or two.
  9. Make sure you put the lid on correctly.
  10. The diffuser will run for about 2-3 hours and shut off automatically when it’s done.  It is normal for there to be a little bit of water left when it shuts off.

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If you are ready to get started on your own oily journey, click here to learn how to order.

Until next time, wishing you abundant blessings and good health!
Kerri Ketchum, Independent Distributor # 1488788

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  The products discussed are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.  Views expressed are from an independent distributor, not a medical professional.  Views expressed apply only to Young Living Essential Oils.  Some info taken from the Essential Oils Pocket Reference Book by Life Science Publishing.


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10 Responses to How To Use Your Young Living Home Diffuser

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  2. Ginger says:

    You can shut off the light on the diffuser. When it is on push and hold the button until the light goes off. I have the purple diffuser

    • Thank you for your comment. Yes! You’re right. You can turn the light off on the newer purple diffuser. This post is about an older model, and the light cannot be turned off on that older model.

  3. Malia says:

    Any tips on how to clean the top of the older model? Mine has stopped working and I’m trying to figure out why. In the meantime I ordered a new one because I didn’t realize how attached I was to my diffuser!! Is it possible to soak the lid in warm water and a mild soap to remove the residue?

    • You are supposed to use a non-abrasive, mild cleanser. Soaking in warm soapy water seems like it could be helpful. I also suggest contacting Young Living about it. They may have some ideas or even a replacement lid, and if you’ve had your diffuser less than a year there may be something they can do for you.

  4. Polur says:

    what is the best indication that the diffuser is shot? Mine doesnt work. The lights on the inside flash very quickly when press the power button.

  5. Armida says:

    My diffuser now stays on constantly will not go back to working intermittently and ideas as to why it started doing this.

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