How to Earn FREE Young Living Essential Oils & Other Products

Essential Rewards Program
Do you love freebies as much as me?  Well of course you do!  And you’re in luck!  Young Living has this really great way to earn FREE products!  It’s called the Essential Rewards (a.k.a. ER) program.

20 Fast Facts on the Essential Rewards Program:

  1. Optional autoship program for wholesale members and distributors.
  2. Earn points towards free oils! First 6 months you get 10% back, 2nd 6 months you get 15% back, and beginning the second year you get 20% back.
  3. Order minimum of 50 PV.
  4. Cheaper shipping.
  5. You can change the products in your cart each month.
  6. You have until 12 midnight on your processing date to change items in your cart.
  7. Priority on products when stock is running low.
  8. Your shipping date can be changed each month.
  9. Points may be redeemed after a member has participated in ER for two consecutive months.
  10. Members may redeem up to 350 points per month.
  11. ER orders can help make sure you are spending enough PV to earn commissions, bonuses, and promotions.
  12. Sign up on your Virtual Office or by calling Customer Care.
  13. Redeem points through Live Chat or by calling Customer Care.
  14. Contact Customer Care to cancel your ER membership.
  15. Redeem your points before canceling ER, because when you cancel you forfeit your points.
  16. Unused points expire on a 12-month rolling basis, meaning 12 months after they were earned.
  17. Check your ER order the day of your processing.  If something becomes out of stock, you will be notified in the “Essential Rewards” section of your virtual office.
  18. Check your ER order the day after your processing as well.  If something becomes out of stock during your processing, you can call Young Living customer service or chat with Live Help and they can add something to your order before it ships.
  19. You can skip one month out of every 12.
  20. No catch!  Cancel anytime!




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