How To Use Essential Oils: Internally

3 ways to use essential oils.001Everybody really seems to be so intimidated on how to use their essential oils.  Don’t worry…I’m here to help!  This is part three in a three part series on the 3 main ways to use your essential oils.  Today we are focusing on how to use your Young Living Essential Oils internally.  Be sure to read parts one and two as well:

How to Use Essential Oils:  Diffusing

How to Use Essential Oils:  Topically

Reminder:  This information applies only to Young Living’s therapeutic grade essential oils.  Young Living is the only brand I trust to use for me and my family for purity, authenticity, and effectiveness.  Also, check out my previous blog post on Safety Guidelines for Essential Oils.

I sometimes get the strangest looks when I talk about using essential oils internally.  People are like, “Say what now?  You can ingest essential oils?”  And I’m like, “I would only ingest Young Living oils.”  And they’re like, “Tell me more!”

How to use your YLEO internally:

  • First, read the label.  When you look at the labels of your Young Living Essential Oils, you will find that Supplement Facts and Dietary Supplement information are printed on the labels.  For example, by reading the label of my bottle of Citrus Fresh, I learned that the serving size is two drops.  It also has directions for dietary supplementation, which states to put two drops in a capsule 3 times daily or as needed.  Many of Young Living’s oils can be taken internally, but always verify by checking the label first.
  • Put 1-3 drops of your essential oil in water (hot or cold), NingXia Red, juice or milk.  Please note, when drinking citrus oils, you must use a glass or stainless steel container.  This is due to the fact that citrus oils will destroy plastic and foam cups.  I like to start out my day by drinking a cup of warm water with 3 drops of lemon oil.  Then I put a couple of drops of some other citrus oil in my normal drinking water.  Lime is one of my favorites, but I also love Citrus Fresh and orange oil.  Oil and water don’t mix, so you’ll have to either shake or stir your water with a spoon.  Oh, and if you are drinking citrus oils, you may want to put on some lip balm prior to drinking to keep your sensitive lips from stinging.
  • You can also put a drop directly on or under your tongue.  This is one way to get the EO’s into your system quickly.
  • Put your essential oil on a spoon with honey.  This is great for an essential oil that you need to mask the flavor of.  I also like to add a little carrier oil (such as coconut oil, olive oil, Young Living’s V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex, etc) along with the honey on the spoon.  Since essential oils are so natural to your body, they are metabolized quickly.  Adding a fatty carrier oil helps the essential oil to last a bit longer in your body.  The carrier oil will also help it to disperse into your stomach better.  You can also leave the honey off and only use the carrier oil with your essential oil.
  • Put your essential oil in an empty vegetable capsule. Young Living sells these, or you may be able to find them from your local health food store.  My mom found them at a pharmacy (ask the pharmacist since they might keep them behind the counter).  I typically put 2-6 drops of EO in my capsule, then fill the rest with carrier oil for the same reasons as noted above.




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